Fast Cash

Fast Cash

This is a convenient way to inject cash into a business whenever it is needed. The fast turnaround time and the typically short-term tenure makes a fast cash loan an ideal option for covering short term business needs as they crop up.

This type of business loan is suitable for a range of companies, even those with less than perfect credit profiles.

Financing Options


Up to $100K

Funds can be in your account within a couple of days, subject to financial profile and affordability
Financing Options


Repayment 1-6 months

These flexible loans for businesses are usually arranged for a period up to 6 months
Financing Options


Rates 1.0-3.5% of finance amount per month

The rates depend on your financial profile and affordability


Not Secured Against Assets

This type of business funding is not secured against a specific asset. It is, therefore, available for businesses that can meet the repayments but don't have assets to offer as security.

Used to Meet Short Term Funding Needs

A fast cash loan is typically used to cover short term funding requirements. This means that it is often used by seasonal businesses, to pay unexpected bills and to take advantage of short-term growth opportunities.


High Interest Rates

Lenders tend to charge high interests on fast cash loans in order to compensate for the short-term tenures and the unsecured nature of the loans.

Repayment Term is Short

Failing to repay the loan on time may result in an adverse effect on your credit score. This may make it more difficult to obtain an affordable loan for your business in the future.

Processing Fees May Apply

Due to the short repayment term, some lenders may charge a processing fee in addition to the interest payment in order to recover the underwriting costs.